Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Call for Commentaries: Cognitive Control

I'm blogging to call to your attention a call for commentaries for a special issue on Cognitive Control in the journal Topics in Cognitive Science. Issue editor Rick Cooper ( should be contacted for further info, and much more info is available at the website

Here are a few details:

The issue will debate whether cognitive activity is controlled by special-purpose control systems/processes, or whether controlled behaviour is an emergent property of the cognitive system. The issue will consist of an introduction, five target articles, and up to twenty short commentaries and responses.

Commentaries are sought which clearly and explicitly address issues raised in the introduction or target articles in the context of the topic description. Ideally, commentaries will be integrative (e.g., by drawing on more than one target, or by relating a field not covered in the target articles to one that is) and will advance the debate outlined in the topic description. Commentaries will normally be limited to 1500 words (including references) and all commentaries will be peer- reviewed.

Submission of a commentary does not guarantee publication. All submissions will be handled through the journal's web-based submission system (

The target articles are (see website for abstracts):

  • Topic Introduction: Cognitive Control: Componential or Emergent? (Richard P. Cooper)
  • Target Article 1: The Evolution of Cognitive Control (Dietrich Stout)
  • Target Article 2: Language and the development of cognitive control (Lucy Cragg and Kate Nation)
  • Target Article 3: Control Consciousness (Pete Mandik)
  • Target Article 4: Computational models of performance monitoring and cognitive control (William H. Alexander and Joshua W. Brown)
  • Target Article 5: Towards an Ontology of Cognitive Control (Agatha Lenartowicz, Donald Kalar, Eliza Congdon and Russell Poldrack)

Should you wish to contribute a commentary or nominate someone else whom you think would be appropriate to contribute such a commentary please email Rick Cooper at ( to obtain access to the full target articles and for submission instructions.