Monday, September 15, 2014

SpaceTimeMind Podcast Episode 13: Neurophilosophy and Consciousness (with Brit Brogaard)

The latest episode of my podcast with Richard Brown is out today, Episode 13: Neurophilosophy and Consciousness (with Brit Brogaard) — Space Time Mind.

From the show notes:

Hide your brains; the neurophilosophers are coming! Philosopher and neuroscientist Berit (Brit) Brogaard joins Richard Brown and Pete Mandik on the SpaceTimeMind podcast to discuss what makes some states of the mind or brain conscious and others unconscious. Is this sort of question answerable from a psychological or philosophical perspective that makes no essential reference to neuroscience? Or, instead, are neuroscientific data unavoidable in this domain? And: Can Brit go a full ten minutes without using the word “brain?"

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