Friday, May 9, 2014

New Mandik Papers

I just put a bunch of new-ish papers of mine up on my publications page at my website, And they're here, too. Check 'em out. 

  1. The Myth of Color Sensations, Or: How Not to See a Yellow Banana. ms. 
  2. Reflecting on Neural Self-reflection: The Churchlandish Introspection of Brain States. In Schwenkler, J. (ed.) Symposium on Paul Churchland's "Matter and Consciousness" (3rd ed., 2013), Brains: A Group Blog on Topics in the Philosophy and Science of Mind
  3. Welcome To Infinity. ms. 
  4. On Whether the Higher-Order Thought Theory of Consciousness Entails Cognitive Phenomenology, Or: What is it Like to Think that One Thinks that P? (with Richard Brown) (2012) Philosophical Topics. 40(2), 1-12.

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