Thursday, July 28, 2011

new Mandik book forthcoming: This is Philosophy of Mind

I have just received the signed contract for a book project I'm working on for Wiley-Blackwell: This is Philosophy of Mind: An Introduction. The book is part of a forthcoming series of introductory philosophy texts edited by Steven Hales. Distinctive of the series are various planned tie-ins with online resources. I plan on creating a companion blog to go along with the book, which will feature supplemental material.

I hope to have more news on the project in coming weeks. Stay tuned!

[link to proposal]


  1. Cool. I've found teaching undergrad PoM very tough, for numerous reasons, so I'm always up for a great source. If you wanted a semi-unsolicited wish list and/or suggestions as well, just email/ cyber-stalk me.

  2. Thanks, Brandon. Consider yourself hereby cyberstalked. Suggestions can be sent to petemandik at petemandik dot com, if you get my meaning.

  3. Most excellent! I'm looking forward to seeing it.

  4. Great news, Pete! Congratulations!