Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Vancouver Workshop and Conference on Cortical Color Vision

This summer I'm going to this pretty sweet looking conference and workshop, "More or Less: Varieties of Human Cortical Color Vision", that Kathleen Akins and Brit Brogaard are organizing. The call for participants is open now, see this website ( for full details. Below is a blurby excerpt. I hope to see lots of Hammer Heads there!


Philosophers, neurophysiologists, psychologists and researchers within the cognitive sciences are warmly invited to attend the conference and to submit posters.
The focus of this conference is “colour beyond the retina”, both the normal neurophysiology of human cortical colour mechanisms and a variety of cortical colour ‘anomalies’, in particular:
  • Cerebral Achromatopsia 
  • Colour Synaesthesias 
  • Colour Blindsight 
  • Cortical Colour Development
Early career researchers and graduate students are  invited to apply for a two day intensive workshop held prior to the conference.

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