Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Erdős Number = 6

Paul Erdos
I just used this here thingie [thingie] to compute my Erdős number:
  1. Pete Mandik coauthored with Rick Grush
  2. Rick Grush coauthored with Patricia Churchland
  3. Patricia Churchland coauthored with Terrence J. Sejnowski
  4. Terrence J. Sejnowski coauthored with Boris S. Gutkin
  5. Boris S. Gutkin coauthored with Eugene Gutkin
  6. Eugene Gutkin coauthored with Mark Kac
  7. Mark Kac coauthored with Paul Erdős


  1. From the wikiP article:
    "A small number of people are connected to both Erdős and [Kevin] Bacon and thus have an Erdős–Bacon number. One example is the actress-mathematician Danica McKellar, best known for playing Winnie Cooper on the TV series, The Wonder Years. Her Erdős number is 4 and her Bacon number is 2. The lowest known Erdős–Bacon number is three for Daniel Kleitman, a mathematics professor at MIT; his Erdős number is 1 and his Bacon number is 2."

  2. Ha! My Erdős Number = 4!

    Ken Aizawa coauthored with Mark D. Schlatter Mark D. Schlatter coauthored with Anand Pillay
    Anand Pillay coauthored with Saharon Shelah
    Saharon Shelah coauthored with Paul Erdős

    Thanks for posting this.

  3. Lucky I wrote a paper with a mathematician. But, hey, I know someone with an Erdős number of 3.

    Ooh, and Chomsky has an Erdős number of 4. Me and Noam!

  4. So who do you figure has co-written the most philosophy papers? Horgan?

  5. Good question! A better answer than "Horgan" eludes me.