Friday, November 19, 2010

Dear Hammerheads...iTunes U?

Stay in school!
Hey Brain Hammer readers. Are any of you gals and guys iTunes U users? If so, what do you recommend?




  1. Sure, I'm an iTunes U listener. (Sometimes.) I haven't looked over the offerings in a little while, but I've come across a few I've enjoyed. From Yale, I'd recommend Paul Bloom's Intro to Psych (110) and The American Novel Since 1945 (Amy Hungerford). I've downloaded the course "Death," but haven't listened to it yet.

    Others I'll probably look at at some point: John Campbell has his Philosophy 3, The Nature of Mind online, including PPT slides. MIT has a bunch of good stuff, too. I know there's a wide range of courses on film that I'd like to take in.

    It's all rather overwhelming, and I'd like to hear what suggestions others might have.

  2. Thanks for those, Roblin. Very cool. I don't yet have any suggestions of my own. I've downloaded some lectures on QM, but haven't listened to them yet.

  3. Berkeley does better than the rest, I think. They have some good cognitive psychology options - courses by Richard Ivry and by Kihlstrom (forgot first name) which I found pretty helpful. Arizona puts up some of their public lectures which can be kind of nice.

    You probably know about the brain science podcast (not iTunes, but still). If not, it's worth your time.

  4. Thanks for all the recommendations!