Thursday, August 19, 2010

Insurmountable Simplicities Play

Insurmountable Simplicities Play:
Insurmountable Simplicities began as a book of 39 philosophical conundrums, written by Roberto Casati and Achille Varzi. In 2009, it was adapted for the stage by Natalie Glick. The result is a six-story philosophical exploration through lapses in space, time, fate, causality, and parallel worlds. ie a metaphysical extravaganza!

The Six Stories

Zombie, Inc. Sleeping Pills memory = -consciousness ?

The Poet as a Young Man timetravel.causality.fate

Verbatim humorousontologicalmisunderstanding

Self-Reference Self-Explained relativity&context or context&relativity

A Risky Cake dessert+poison / dessert+antidote / dessert+sideaffects

Room 88 parallelworlds | sdlrowlellarap

(All dates are in August. And all times are PM)

Mon 16 @ 4:30

Mon 23 @ 8

Thu 26 @ 9:30

Sat 28 @ 3:30

Sun 29 @ 4:15