Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Seminar in Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science, and Neuroethics

Next week, I'll be heading out to Arlington, Texas where I'll be keynote speaker at a workshop organized by Ken Williford. The talk I'll be giving is based on a project of mine concerning conceptual content, externalism, and time. My talk is "The Slow-switching Slowdown Showdown" and I'll be blogging some more about it the rest of the week or so.

Here's the schedule for workshop:

The 2010 UTA Summer Seminar in Mind, Cognition, and Neuroethics
July 13-15, UTA Campus, 303 CPB

The Department of Philosophy and Humanities
The College of Liberal Arts
The Office of the Vice President for Research


DAY ONE—Tuesday, July 13
9:30—“Continental” Breakfast in 303 CPB

9:45 Beth S. Wright, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
Opening remarks

10:00 Dan Levine (UTA, Psychology)
It’s Not Just “Survival and Reproduction, Stupid”


11:30 Daniel C. Krawczyk (UTD, Center for Brain Health, UTSW, Psychiatry)
What can Neuroscience tell us about Reasoning?

1:15-3:00—Lunch at Potager
315 S Mesquite St. Arlington, TX (817) 861-2292

3:30 Heekyeong Park (UTA, Psychology)
Neural Correlates of Encoding Within- and Across-Domain Inter-Item Associations


5:00 Erik Nylen (University of Iowa, Biomedical Engineering, NYU, Center for Neural Science)
How much can a Diseased Eye See?


6:15 Fabrice Jotterand (UTSW, Departments of Clinical Sciences and Psychiatry/Philosophy and Bioethics)
Please Engineer My Brain…I Was Born a Criminal!:  Neuroimaging Technologies, Psychopathy and Moral Neuro-enhancement

8:00—Dinner at The Blue Danube
2230-A W Park Row Dr, Pantego, TX (817) 861-5900

DAY TWO—Wednesday, July 14
9:30—“Continental” Breakfast in 303 CPB

10:00 Nathanial Blower (University of Iowa, Philosophy)
Dennett vs. Hacker: Mind, Metaphor and the Mereological Fallacy


11:30 Jeremy Shipley (University of Iowa, Philosophy)
Varying Variance (Invariantly)

1:15-3:00—Lunch at Beirut Rock Café
1201 S Cooper St Arlington, TX (817) 860-5499

3:30 Peter LeGrant (Kirkwood College, Philosophy) and Kenneth Williford (UTA, Philosophy)
Spinoza and Functionalism


5:00 Harry P. Reeder (UTA, Philosophy)
The Role of Language in Phenomenological Description


6:15 Adam Briggle (UNT, Philosophy)
What Bioethics can Teach Neuroethics

8:00—Dinner at The Istanbul Grill
6204 S.Cooper St. Arlington, TX (817) 557-3377

DAY 3—Thursday, July 15
9:30—“Continental” Breakfast in 303 CPB

10:00 Matthew J. Brown (UTD, Philosophy, Center for Values in Science, Technology, and Medicine)
Love Slaves and Wonder Women: Values and Popular Culture in the Psychology of W.M. Marston


11:30 Justin Fisher (SMU, Philosophy)
The Challenge of Syntactic Typing

1:15-3:00—Lunch at The University Club

3:30 Charles Nussbaum (UTA, Philosophy)
 Can Natural Necessity Be Naturalized?


5:00 Timothy Odegard (UTA, Psychology)
Diachronic Disunity:  The Severing of the Self across Time


6:15 KEYNOTE ADDRESS:  Pete Mandik (William Paterson University of New Jersey, Philosophy)
The Slow-switching Slowdown Showdown