Thursday, September 24, 2009

Loveyourcopyeditor's Infinite Summer Wrap-up

Much love to my personal favorite of the Infinite Summer bloggers, Love Your Copyeditor. Here's an excerpt from her wrap-up, The Last Jest, aka Infinite Summer Week 14 (end):

I have an increased appreciation for the graphic elements in the book: Gately's scrawly 'Yo.' The precise rendering of the markings on drugs on page 891. Peemster's chart. The annular ring/eclipse/special wobbly lens/meniscus glyph that appears throughout. The sweet and earnest lunula in the bottom-right corner of page 981, like a coda symbol in music, asking you to pick up again or exit the phrase, depending.

While I know I need to shelve the book again for quite some time and move on to other projects and lick my psychic wounds, I am incredibly glad I participated in Infinite Summer. The guides at the mother site have been good company. And those I encountered on the splinter blogs I feel queerly affectionate toward, as though we had a real bond even though my commenting was sporadic and my status as a newbie blogger painfully obvious. To name just a few folks I Identify with: Infinite Zombies, Infinite Detox, Infinite Tasks, I Just Read About That . . . and more. The list may not be infinite but my appreciation for their contributions and insights is. Keep Coming Back.

Speaking of back, I bought this shirt:

It says Enfield Tennis Academy on the front.

Your Copyeditor