Friday, March 16, 2012

2012 Program for the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology

Paula Deen's Donut Burger, Savannah GA
What's up? The program for the 104th annual meeting of the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology is up! [link]. I put together the philosophy side of the program, and am looking forward to seein' all y'all in Savannah, GA next week.


Invited Speakers

David Rosenthal, CUNY Graduate Center
"Two Concepts of Mental Quality"

William Bechtel, UC San Diego
“Deciphering the Neural Code: The Tale of Place Cells”

Jesse Prinz, CUNY Graduate Center
“Consciousness is Attention”

Invited Symposia

Cognition and the Social
Carrie Figdor, Bryce Huebner, Anthony Chemero

Perplexities of Perception
Brian Keeley, Robert Briscoe, Berit Brogaard

Fictionalism, Falsehood, and the Value of Truth
Anthony Dardis, Chase Wrenn, Tad Zawdizki

Explaining Consciousness
Richard Brown, Josh Weisberg, Kenneth Williford

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